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A Comprehensive Review of the OCase Electronics Accessories Organizer Travel Carrying Case

January 23, 2018

“Do you really need all that?” If you are into tech, you have probably been asked that question before. If you are reading this, then you probably find yourself carrying more electronics materials than the average traveler. Luckily, we understand your struggle. In our eyes, it is essential that you pack all your electronics accessories in a presentable manner. Travelling with electronic accessories does pose many different challenges. Memory cards and small adapters are easily lost, cables are quickly tangled, and fragile hardware is broken.

If you find yourself awkwardly stuffing your electronic accessories into a backpack, you will likely want to buy a travel carrying case that is specifically designated for that purpose. The OCase Electronic Accessories Organizer Case is a durable, stylish, heavy duty travel carrying case specially designed to hold your cables, USB cables, flash drive, external drivers, basic first aid items, Smartphone, mini cameras, passport, make up scissors and other essential electronic materials.

The design of the case makes it easy for you to get your electronic accessories in and out of the case. It is important to note that this case is not specially designed to hold your laptop or tablet. It is made to carry all your peripherals, cables and accessories that you have been carting around. It ensures that the devices you want to use are always at hand. Here is a detailed review of our Electronic Accessories Organizer Case.

Features of the Electronic Accessories Organizer Case


The design is certainly one of the coolest features of this travel carrying EVA case. It looks very well made, and manages to pack numerous features that will certainly please you. The case comes in a wide range of colors, meaning you will not miss your favorite color. The black toning of this is case is akin to a brand new pair of jeans, giving it a classy, yet understated appearance. The unique design of this case shows that the manufacturer went through an extensive design process because it meets the needs of every technician/electrician carrying different gadgets.

The organizer case is well made and features a double layer interior to provide enough roomy to hold different items like headphones, power-bank, cell phone, USB Drive, flash disk, cables among other. The case is well padded to provide excellent protection to all your electronic accessories. It boasts strong zippers enclosures to make sure that your items are held securely. Tip: the interior pockets for this case can fit your IPad Mini (7.9-inch), but cannot fit an iPad Air, Microsoft surface and a laptop. Its spacious, yet lightweight design makes it easy for you to carry everything you need when you are on the go.

Manufacturing Quality

This Electronics Accessories Organizer Travel/Carrying case is made and designed by certified and experienced EVA specialists. It is made of heavy-duty Ethyl Vinyl Acetate, making it durable, dustproof and waterproof. The interior features special foam to prevent all your accessories from shock. This case can easily fit a traveling bag, making it ideal for travelers.

There is a water resistant, semi-rigid shell that guards against light snow and rain. In addition to being water resistant, it is effectively scratch resistant and very easy to clean. The interior of this case is padded to protect your gadgets, while the removable dividers allow you to create customized compartments. You can use these compartments to store your camera, hard disk and other similar devices.

The case features a Multi-Way handle that allow you to carry it like a briefcase or a detachable shoulder strap that allows you to carry it hands free. Both handles are built of sturdy fabrics and properly affixed to the case, meaning they cannot break or loosen up if you carry heavy accessories. Overall, the manufacturing quality of this accessories organizer case is top notch and cannot be compared to other similar cases on the market.


When you open this electronic accessories organizer travel storage case, you will be pleased to see many pockets, stowaways and elastics. Its interior design is similar to that old CD wallet you had in the early 2000s. The case has two major layers: first layer and the second layer. The first/top layer has several folds up sections each with its own storage spaces. Most of these areas are small, padded storage compartments with stitched –in elastic bands to hold everything in place.

Use the top layer to store all your cables, small peripherals, chargers, memory cards among other similar items. Small electrical items will fit on the top flap, with multiple elastic support sleeves that can hold things like adapters, cards and cables. In the middle layer there is a zippered case with mesh cover, and this can be used to hold large items, such a battery packs.

There is a large mesh pocket at the back of the middle layer that can be used to hold a Smartphone, medium tablets of about 7.9 inches, and other gadgets of the same length. The bottom layer has removable dividers allow you to create customized compartments that can be used your peripherals and other small essential gadgets.


The OCase Electronic Accessories Organizer case is built of strong and durable materials. It is a hard case made of Ethyl Vinyl Acetate that is guaranteed to last for many years. The case feels soft and the fabrics used in the case will not wear and tear easily. There is a strong padding that is essential to keep your accessories safe and secure. The sturdy zipping enclosure added to the case ensures that all items stored in this case are safe. The case has a rigid design that is not easy to compromise. You can throw this case in your travel bag with other items or let it bounce in your truck without worrying about the safety of your valuables.
Final Verdict

Establishing a balance between capacity and portability, the OCase Electronics Accessories Organizer Travel/Carrying Case is designated for people having trouble organizing their hardware. The case is designed by the most Skilled EVA specialist, Bentley Yeung. Whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer looking to buy electronic accessories cases in wholesale at a very affordable, contact our sales team to see how you can place an order. Please browse our website to learn more about our custom cases and how you can reach us.

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