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A Well Designed Protective Case for your Littmann Stethoscope

January 23, 2018

A Well Designed Protective Case for your Littmann Stethoscope

A stethoscope is an essential medical device for doctors and clinical officers. It is used to hear sounds from within the body. A stethoscope is made up of air-filled rubber tubing connected to a round chest and pieces to two earpieces. This helps to magnify sound from the inner parts of the body, such as blood vessels, lungs, and heart.  The stethoscope can also listen to changes in blood flow, breathing, heart contractions, and are is often used to detect a pulse when determining the rate of heart beat.

Stethoscopes are sold at a very high price, and it is important that they are handled with care for them to last long. One of the most popular brands of Stethoscopes is Littmann. Littmann stethoscopes are the most used stethoscopes by most medical professionals. To keep these essential medical gadgets functioning optimally, it is important to ensure that they are stored in a good way. The best way to do this is by storing your Littmann Stethoscope in a well designed EVA Case.

At OCase E-commerce Limited, we can design and manufacture high volume, innovative custom EVA cases for your Littmann Stethoscope. Our team of highly trained EVA specialists, led by Mr. Bentley Yeung will help design custom EVA cases that will match your needs and requirements. Here are some of the top reasons why EVA cases are the best option to carry your Littmann Stethoscope.

They are Waterproof

Stethoscope cases are built in such a way that they cannot allow water to penetrate inside them. These cases have an internal waterproof padding and outer sturdy padding. The two layers provide a high level of water resistance. For medical practitioners who live and work in areas that experience significantly yearly rainfall, a stethoscope carrying case with waterproof features provides an extra line of defense against water damage. You certainly do not want to end up with a wet stethoscope!

They are Shockproof

EVA traveling cases are shockproof. The main advantage of this is that it protects your stethoscope from shocks and other damages like scratches. These cases can prove beneficial to medical practitioners who travel a lot. A good quality shockproof case is that which has good quality internal padding foam or any other soft materials. Buying a stethoscope case that has both waterproof and shockproof features provides your stethoscope ultimate protection. Top Chinese EVA case manufacturers, such as OCase E-commerce Limited use the most advanced techniques to manufacture stethoscope EVA cases. Contact them today to place your order.

Attractive and Stylish Appearance

Functionality and style go hand in hand. Whether you are choosing a car or a wardrobe, you would want it to reflect your personality. Your stethoscope case also should not shy away from showing off your real personality.  This means, you don’t have to stick to those old black  and dull colors when there are many different colors to make your pick from. OCase manufactures a wide range of EVA cases in a vibrant palette of colors so that you would be spoilt for choice. Apart from colors, you can choose to have your company’s logos on all your cases to showcase your brand. This will go a long way in advertising your business. Remember your customers will be carrying your custom Stethoscope for most days of the week, so make sure you choose the right design and looks. Contact Mr. Bentley Yeung today to place your custom order.

Durable and Secure Built

A stethoscope is a symbol of convenience and indeed an investment. It is also a very sensitive medical device. A sudden, harsh impact can result in damages ranging from minor dents or broken chestpieces or damaged tubing. Stethoscope replacement parts are costly and difficult to get. Therefore, its security is as vital as its maintenance. To lessen or avoid the potential damage to this important medical device, medical practitioners should make sure that they choose a case that is well built.

Materials like Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) are well known to be durable materials for stethoscopes, and other medical equipment. Our Stethoscope cases are usually reinforced with several layers of foam and fabric to serve as a shock absorber for your stethoscope. For cases with sleeves, thick padding at the base of the case provides additional safety.  We also make sure that the buckles, zips and clips are in a perfect condition. The flaps, if any, are also checked to make sure that are intact, and if there are fasters, we check them to be sure that they are properly sealed.

Customize Space

A good case should have plenty space. You should be sure that your cases have sufficient space to hold all the different parts of your stethoscope. Thus, when shopping for a stethoscope case, you should always make sure that all items you anticipate to be taking a long for a typical day at the hospital or office will fit into the case. At OCase Limited, we can design and manufacture a customized case for your stethoscope. We can ensure that all the various parts of the stethoscope will fit properly into the case.  We also ensure that all the zippers close easily without exerting too much pressure on them.

Check-Point Friendly Design

If you travel abroad or fly frequently, it is important you look for a case that has a good check-point friendly design.  This means that the stethoscope section only unfolds completely so that it can be screened on the X-ray belt without any obstruction.  OCase Stethoscope cases come with this unique feature so that they can allow security scanners entry points in airports to check your cases without wasting time.

Lightweight and Resilient

Apart from protecting your stethoscope, you also want a case that you can carry out easily.EVA travel and carrying cases are extremely lightweight and discreet. You can carry them in your nursing bag easily. The cases are also resilient and flexible, meaning you fold them or stretch them when necessary.

These are just some of the many reasons why EVA cases are the best carrying cases for your Littmann Stethoscope. If you are looking an EVA Case manufacturer in China, who can design and manufacture custom cases, please contact OCase E-commerce Limited or Call Mr. Bentley Yeung directly, an experienced EVA cases at OCase Limited.

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