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January 23, 2018

Top 4 Smart Products That Require Protective Carrying Cases

Smart Technology gives you the tools to be able to control the surrounding environment easily and efficiently to maximize your comfort.  Smart products, especially those used at home increase the security and safety of the home. Some smart home products, such as thermostats help to increase flexibility control and energy. Other smart products such as Smartphones, iPhones, and tablets enhance communicate and bring lots of comfort and convenience to the users.

At OCase E-commerce Limited, we care about the safety and security of all your smart products. One of the best ways you can enhance the safety and longevity of most smart products is by ensuring they are stored properly. You can do this by buying a custom case for your smart products. Here are some of the top Products that Require Smart Products Cases

  1. Smartphones

Nowadays, iPhones come with a mostly aluminum body. The Galaxy S5 boasts a super strong Gorilla Glass on the touchscreen. As Smartphones get  durable, many people wonder: Do I really need to buy a Smartphones case? We believe the answer is YES. A modern smartphone is a significant investment and it is worth doing everything you can to keep it safe. Smartphone cases made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) can protect your phone from everyday issues, such as falls.

Since our EVA cases are waterproof and shockproof, they can also go an extra mile to protect your device from water, shocks, dust and many more. Smartphone cases can also do a lot more than just protect your phone. OCase E-commerce Limited designs and manufactures custom Apple / Suunto Smart Phone Cases with all kinds of nifty gadgets built in, such as radiation blockers and chargers. A Smartphone case can help you differentiate your phone from others just like it. A well-designed Smartphone case can also make your phone easier to use. Regardless of the type of Smartphone you are using, we can manufacture customized EVA cases that will not only protect your phone but reflect your style and personality. Contact Mr. Bentley Yeung, an EVA cases specialist, to order your custom Smartphones cases today.

  1. Smart 3D Printers

Smart 3D printers have lots of great features, such as Wi-Fi, to give you unparalleled freedom to make whatever you can imagine and print every 3D piece right from your mobile phone.  Just like Smartphones, Smart 3D printers are a major investment. They also contain many delicate parts that should be well protective. OCase E-commerce Limited minds about your Smart 3D Printers. We can help you design and manufacture custom protective carrying cases for your smart printers.

Our smart 3D Printer cases are built in cushion to prevent your printer from any damages while traveling. There is sufficient space for you to carry accessories and spare photo papers and ink ribbon too. Our smart 3D printer case is also ideal for carrying other vital equipment, such as cameras and lenses. Our super tough EVA foam construction ensures that your precious 3D printer stays safe no matter where your journey takes you. All our Smart 3D printer cases are shockproof and waterproof. They are 100 percent resistant to water, deformation, and fatigue. This increases the longevity of your precious smart 3D printer device.

  1. Samsung Smart Devices

Samsung manufactures a wide range of smart devices, including Smartphones, smart things tablets, laptops, cameras, printers and many more. Most of the Samsung Smart devices come at a very high price and usually worth the investment. To keep your Samsung Smart devices safe and secure, it is advisable you buy custom cases for these products. At OCase Limited, we can design and manufacture specialized cases for all your Samsung products. All you have to do is to send us photos of the Samsung smart devices you need cases for.

Whether you are looking cases for your Samsung SmarthThings hub, we will design and manufacture them for you right away. We can manufacture EVA cases for all your Samsung SmartThings Hub devices including speakers, thermostats, laptops, cell phones and many more. All our Samsung SmartThings cases are resilient, lightweight, waterproof, shockproof and extremely durable. Our Smart Product Home cases come with a sleek and modern design and showcase your preferred style and personality. They are fitted with OCase Soft-Grip handles that make heavy transportation comfortable and convenient.

Be it for aesthetic preferences or more practical purposes; color choice is an essential aspect for all our EVA case users. Choose from our OCase color pallet. The color options range from olive drab to emergency orange. This means you can easily blend in or stand out, whatever the task entails. Please contact our sales team or directly contact OCase LTD, CEO, and Mr. Bentley Yeung for additional information on color availability for your Samsung SmartThings Case.

  1. ShotTracker For Basketball

Released about two years ago, ShotTracker has become increasingly popularity among athletes, trainers and non-professional players. ShotTracker helps players learn how to play as well as track their performance. It aims to make your basketball experience better and more efficient. Just like any other smart device, your ShotTracker device is delicate parts that require protection from water, dust and other elements. Here at OCase Limited, we can help you protect your precious ShotTracker device by designing and manufacturing a custom protective carrying.

Our ShotTracker for Basketball Premium Quality case is built in such that it holds all three main components of the device: the net sensor, arm sensor and the USB cable. The case is also lightweight and discreet. This means you can carry it in your sports bag or put it in your pockets. Other top features of this case are that it is waterproof, shockproof, resilient and extremely durable. It can be made to be of any color depending on your preferences.

There are many other smart products that require protective carrying cases. If you need a custom case for your smart device, feel free to contact us at any time. All you need is to send us photos of the device or give a sample of the device, and we will do the rest. For more information about Smart Product cases, browse our website or contact Mr. Bentley Yeung, an experienced and certified EVA cases specialist in Dongguan, China.

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