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OCase E-Commerce Limited

January 23, 2018

OCase E-commerce Limited is a leading EVA cases manufacturing company, based Hong Kong, China. Our Research, Design and Development Center is based Dongguan, China. The company was established in April 7, 2013 by a renowned EVA cases specialist, Bentley Yeung....

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A Brief Introductory About Bentley Yeung

January 23, 2018

Bibliography: A Brief Introductory Story About Bentley Yeung Bentley Yeung is an EVA cases specialist and founder of OCase Ecommerce Limited, a company that is well known for producing high-quality EVA cases.  OCase Ecommerce Limited has its headquarters in Hong...

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I’m an EVA Case Specialist in OCase E-Commerce Limited.I have lots of hobbies, Running, Basketball, Movie, Music, Travel, etc.The most important thing I like is making friends with everyone in any country.Welcome to China and I could be your guide if possible.

My phone is +86 136 8660 5060

My email is bentley@ocase.net


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